Wide Sector Coverage
(200+ Industry Sectors)

Assess market opportunities and risks in 200+ sectors across 150 economies to gain deeper understanding of competition, risks, and innovation.

Global Analyst Network
(20+ Countries)

Leveraging a global network of analysts, we derive deeper understanding of trends and technology disruptions impacting market share of companies.

Analytics Platform
(10,000+ Key Sources)

Our proprietary analytics platform tracks thousands of targeted information and data sources to predict future growth dynamics and competitive landscape.

Robust Methodology
(100+ Checkpoints)

Our methodology follows over 100 checkpoints combining a series of manual and automated checks to deliver the most updated reports.

Our Strength
Powering the future of company intelligence through AI-enabled technology platform
Assimilate credible datasets
Sourcing credible company information datasets

We track thousands of targeted data & information credible sources, which go beyond company releases to capture a 360 degree view of the emerging competitive landscape

and underpin it with expert analysis
and underpin it with expert analysis...

Our robust methodology with years of experience in tracking companies and industry sectors acts as secret sauce to comprehend data inputs

to predict global opportunities
...to predict opportunities through fact based analysis

Our unique research methodology provides quantified analysis of emerging business and investment opportunities along with risks

What we offer
Global company intelligence across 200+ sectors through proprietary databases, expert analysis & opinion, and innovation tracking
Strategy & Innovation
Strategy & Innovation

Unique service offering in-depth analysis of best practices in strategy and innovation, helping in product ideation, analyzing white spaces, defining branding & positioning strategies, and creating ecommerce / digital transformation framework to drive growth.

Sales Intelligence
Sales Intelligence

Boost efficiency of sales teams by providing them with pain points of prospects and qualified leads, freeing up the bandwidth to maximize productivity. Customized according to strategic objectives of clients, this solution helps in improving conversion rates.

Investment Attractiveness
Investment Attractiveness

Maximize ROI by evaluate investment opportunities, finding right partners, and assessing risks through Quaintel’s proprietary analytics platform, covering over 25,000 data sources. Leverage quantified predictive momentum of trends for accurate decision making.

Competitive Intelligence
Competitive Intelligence

Leverage unique company datasets covering best practices, scorecards, market share, and predictive momentum of products and services in addition to financial and operational dataset to derive deeper understanding of changing market dynamics.

Technology Platform
Leverage the power of AI enabled industry specific contextual engine to get actionable intelligence
Data Chart
Quaintel Knowledge Center

Quaintel Knowledge Center is the most effective way to access company intelligence with lots of tools and analyst support.

Premium subscription services
Report Store

Browse through 10,000+ company insights consisting of benchmarking, innovation, and trend analysis, updated on a monthly basis.

Browse and purchase research

Benefit from our industry expertise and global network to get specific competitive intelligence focused exclusively on your strategic initiatives.

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